Saturday, July 19, 2014

Calgary Stampede 2014

This year I only made it out to stampede once, but had a great time there watching the rodeo with a friend, then meeting up with Kevin for beers, carnival games, baby animals and delicious food stuffs.

We watched the rodeo on Friday, with a full crowd. It was pretty close to sold out, Gabby and I bought tickets in separate sections, so we showed up a bit late, found some empty seats (corporate tickets holders often don't show up) and enjoyed the show.

The we wandered the fair grounds for a bit, and saw some dancing hiphop robot was weird.

We were hungry so I grabbed a sausage... turns out it was a 'Giant Western Sausage" and longer than my arm. The guy at the bbq snickered when I ordered it (go figure).

Then I met up with Kev, here's a picture of him with a cow (because his class are the you know, appropriate).

Next up was baby animals....Kevin wants a pot bellied pig one day, I want sheep... so I think we might have to live on a farm or something.

One thing everyone was talking about this year was the scorpion pizza, we found it, but there was no way I'd be eating it. Did anyone try it? one of the guys at school did, he said it didn't taste like anything but that the bugs were crunchy.

We went with pizza on a stick and deep fried cheesecake instead. Needless to say, I went way over my allotted calories that day, and had to make up for it all weekend.

Stampede was a gorgeous week of hot summer weather, but between my wanting to eat healthily this month and Kevin being on call all the time, we didn't Stampede nearly as hard as in previous years. In fact this year I did a little bit of volunteering for Stampede. The old folks home that I knit at every Monday needed volunteers to dress like cowboys, serve dinner and stick around to dance.

It turned out to be a completely great time, even tho I stepped all over one gentleman's feet while we danced to some super old love song. I'll have to be sure to do it again next year.

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  1. I find it funny that in most ways we in England have a very similar culture to you but then occasionally you have things like that which seem so unusual to us! And that scorpion pizza looks horrible but I would certainly eat a Great Western Sausage :P