Tuesday, November 4, 2014

3rd annual pumpkin carve off

Every year we gather friends, pumpkins, beers and shots and partake in a carve off, complete with shot gunning beers, and half time mystery shots.

The first year in, I went simple, with an elongated pumpkin.

That first year there were only six of us, we carved on the back deck at Kevin's and the weather was even kind of nice.

In 2013, we stepped up the game, and went from 6 to 12 carvers. We all planned in advance, scouring the internet for inspiration pumpkins. I even experimented with shaping and two toned carving.

Producing this masterpiece! The rest of the feild looked pretty awesome too. I've opted to sensor some of the pumpkins, alcohol and boys in their 20s often leads to NSFW pumpkins.

This year we faced a potential set back, as Kevin and I drove from store to store on Halloween looking for pumpkins that were nowhere to be found in the all of Calgary. Lucky for us a friend new of a farm that was getting rid of pumpkins cheep on November 1st, and they picked up 15 for the carve off.

I decided to go art pumpkin, and freehand carved a pumpkin version of Vincent van Gogh`s The Starry Night.

Which looks O.K. unlit, but with three candles inside and in the dark, it really shines!

And the rest of the pumpkin feild looked great too! Complete with a couple minions, tinker bell and grumpy cat!

After all that pumpkin carving, we thru our Halloween costumes on and celebrated. You can find some of my past costumes here and here. This year, on short notice, I decided to celebrate the Turtle BackPack that Kevin got me for Christmas last year, and went as Raphael!

You can find an amazing how-to video on making your own Ninja Turtle costume on the Thread Banger youtube channel... not that I followed it, but it did inspire me!

And what did Kevin go as? A Taco! Not really a couple costume, but oddly enough the colours matched!

Hope you all had happy halloweens! What did you dress up as?


  1. Holy smokes! That pumpkin is amazing! I could never carve anything so intricate.

  2. You are some creative with a pumpkin! Those are great. Dare I ask how long that took?

    1. The carving period for the contest is one hour (with a 10 minute intermission at the half way point). You're aloud to scoop out your pumpkin in advance tho. And we only allow three carving tools, although I did the whole thing with a regular kitchen knife.