Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Italian Wedding Music and Throwing Coins at the Bride

Over the holidays we threw an 80th birthday party for my Nana at the Marconi Club in Sault Ste. Marie. While we were there Kevin and I snuck into the large wedding hall were I have spent countless Saturdays celebrating the weddings of my Italian relatives, both close and distantly related. While we finished a bottle of red wine on the raised platform reserved for the head table I couldn't help but think of all of the amazing Italian wedding traditions which I cherish so deeply.

First among them is the tradition surrounding the first dance. As a child, as soon as we arrived at the Marconi, my cousins and I would rush to the bar to ask for an empty cup. Then we'd impatiently ask our parents all through dinner, when are they going to throw the money?

During the couple's first dance, the floor is quickly surrounded by all the children at the wedding and all the Nanas, Nonas, Aunts and Zias. The old women throw and scatter coins about the newly wed couple's feet as they dance, and the kids dart in and out, picking up as many as they can. The boldest ones reaching right under the bride's long train to go after a coveted quarter or loonie (it wasn't until I was older that toonies joined the mix).

This photo is from my Cousin Krista's wedding in 2012.

From what I've gleaned from it, this tradition is a blessing for wealth (the coins) and fertility (the kids). And while many weddings don't invite the little ones to the party, I can only hope there will be many little cousins and nieces and nephews at mine one day to continue this cherished tradition.

With that on my mind, I spent some time on YouTube tonight looking for all of my favourite Italian Wedding Dancing songs. Here are a few!

Lauretta Mia by Enrico Musiani

Che La Luna Mezzo Mare by Lou Monte

L'italiano by Toto Cotugno

What are your favourite Wedding Traditions? Looks like I'll be attending 4 in the next year!


  1. Such a cool tradition!

    I've not been to many weddings in my day so I can't comment on favourite wedding traditions. There aren't any that I know of in my family.

  2. We watched the DVD of our wedding over the weekend. I had to keep a box of tissues handy—for Max. He sobbed the entire time. songs wedding