Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snow's Melting

Here's to days getting longer, and a great Chinook here in Calgary making them warmer. We've had several days of above freezing temperatures in a row now, and it just feels great!

On the other hand, all the snow that was on the roads in town has been melting and refreezing into ruts and bumps, making parking on the street a huge pain in the a$$. Oh well, if that's the price to be paid for warmer weather inn January, then I'll happily pay it. (Or maybe the City of Calgary will one day get it's act together on snow removal).

All this melting snow reminded me of some pictures I've been meaning to share (as per the request of someone I stole this gift from).

In a Christmas gift swap at my friend Sarah's this year, the gift I took home included a snowman that you can build over and over again, and watch him melt each time (In opening the box I promptly lost one of his eyeballs). Here he is at 4:45pm, looking snazzy in his scarf and hat.

Only 3 minutes later he has begun to melt. He's looking like he's had a few too many drinks.

Another 10 minutes gone by and he's leaning waaaaay back.

Later that night, at 11PM he was fully melted, and a little bit dusty. So you can just pull the plastic parts off, and build him again.

Anyways, it's Tuesday, and it's already been a busy week in the Lab. Plus I'm headed to Thuderbay for the weekend on Thursday night, so I have a feeling this week is just going to fly by!

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