Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Learning to use Photoshop CC and InDesign CC

OK, I'm feeling super proud of myself today! Kind of like a computer ninja! Probably unduly, but whatever.

Today I took my first steps towards learning how to do graphic design in Photoshop and InDesign.

What I needed was a logo for my new yarn blog www.yarnlab.ca, and I kind of knew I wanted it to feature a flask full of knitting needles and crochet hooks. So step one, I sketched out on paper what I wanted and scanned it into photoshop.

Then, using the help of this video, and the pen tool, I began create lines in a separate layer.

Despite being from an older version of photoshop, this video tutorial was simple enough to pick things up quickly.

Next I did some colouring and shading, again all in separate layers so I could control the opacity.

And speaking of colouring, I chose my colour pallet using this photo and DeGraeve.com's Color Palette Generator. I also used the eyedropper tool in photoshop to add in the blue grey colour from the sweater.

Finally, I merged the layers I wanted, and added in the font for the word Lab. I had my final logo, which is now live on www.yarnlab.ca .

Then I headed over into InDesign to use the new logo and colour pallet to create a pdf for a knitting pattern I'd been working on.

The pattern for the hat is now available for free download on Ravelry.com.

Overall, it was a productive day for me and the internet!


  1. It looks great!! You make it seem so easy!

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