Thursday, February 19, 2015

Traveling with my Yoga Mat

Two more sleeps until I fly out to O'ahu for a week of sunshine and the Wanderlust Yoga Fest!

Tonight I began packing, and began fretting over this dilemma.

Which yoga mat to bring with me?

The Mat or the UnMat?

So let's do a Pros and Cons

The Mat

-This is the mat I practice on in led classes at the studio.
-Nice and thick, good cushioning for practice.
-Nice and think, can sleep on top of it in my tent.

-Big and heavy
-Would probably have to check it in its own bag (doesn't fit inside my suitcase) ($cost!)

The UnMat

-Light weight, travels easy
-I've carried it on with my travel back pack, no check baggage cost
-I have a yoga towel which can add some extra padding with it
-I practice on this mat regularly at home

-Home practice space is carpeted so thinness of mat is not an issue
-Mat is very thin, not sure about practicing on it 3 times a day on hard/solid surfaces
-Not going to do much as far as padding in the tent

So now I need your help, weigh in on the poll below... let me know which mat I should bring.

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