Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Runday!

Coming in under the wire for a Sunday Runday! well at least  for posting about it, I got out and ran just before sunset around 6PM tonight. It was such a beautiful day here in Calgary (I went out around lunch in a t-shirt and a scarf!), that I absolutely needed to get out for a run. The first one of the year for me (I'm a hibernating runner ok!) so it was just a slow 5km loop to the Crowchild trail bridge and back.

Look at that beautiful sunshine star bursting through the trees over the Bow River Running Path! How you could resist lacing up?

Lovely random sculpture along the way (I love capturing moments during my runs on my cell phone, plus it gives me an excuse to take a little break!

Taking a moment for a quick selfie on the pedestrian bridge at Chrowchild Trail!

Oh Calgary. Thank goodness for your beautiful Chinooks, makes me feel like I brought some warm winds from Hawaii back to Alberta with me. My poor family back home in Ontario is having one heck of a winter, with tonnes of cold and frigid temperatures. So naturally I keep telling them they should move out west with me (don't think they'll bite tho!)

While today was just a quick 5km, my legs felt heavy from just about the first step. I hard reminder that it's that time of year to get out for regular runs so I can do a couple races this summer!

You can head over to the Bex Factor to join in on Sunday Runday if you made it out for a run today!

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  1. YAY! Love this post. Gorgeous photos. It was a great day to run yesterday.