Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud 01

Two posts in one day! What!! I must have been away from my computer for a while to have so much pent up bloggy goodness in me!

If you haven't heard of this before, TOL Thursdays are the brain child of Amanda over at Running with Spoons, a blogger link up that encourages you to write about what ever happens to be on your mind at the time.

So here we go!

1. I need need need to go to the grocery store... but was so not in the mood for it today, so I ordered pizza hut instead (Bad Sara). I'll chalk that one up to still being on post vacation jet lag. Seriously tho, I need to commit to eating better (in my world that means less carby goodness) over the next few months heading towards summer.

2. What! did I just say summer? and it's only March! well I guess all that sunshine in Hawaii, along with yet another beautiful Chinook, has me dreaming of another Alberta summer.

3. I cannot wait for Grey's Anatomy tonight... mainly because I've kind of been missing Derek, and I'm hoping he'll make an appearance.

4. Yes, I know, who even watches Grey's any more... me that's who!

5. I finished watching all of Friends today on Netflix. Things about that. A) I can't believe how young they all were in the first season. B) I can't believe how ridiculously skinny Monica and Rachel were too! C) I had forgotten about the nipples through shirt-ness of that show. D) Watching Monica and Phoebe's weddings put me in the mood for wanting one of my own. E) The best thing about watching old shows is seeing small roles played by actors who would later become famous in their own right.

6. The best purchase I have made in years was to pick up an HDMI cable for my laptop, so I can plug it in to my TV and use my TV as a separate screen. Either working on both, or running Netflix on one while I work on the other. Today I've been watching Wildest India while working and doing laundry.

7. I'm a full on yarn addict.... and lately that has led me towards spinning. Here's a peak at a current project.

8. If this post is about thinking out loud, then I can't help but mention the top thing that has been on my mind since yesterday at 10AM. Kevin matched to a Rural Family Medicine program in Medicine Hat, AB. Which means he'll be moving there in a few months, and once I finish my degree, I'll be following him. So here's to big, exciting changes in life.

What's on you mind today? Join in with TOL Thursdays at Running with Spoons and let us all know!


  1. Cool that you've began spinning wool and such. My mom used to do that when I was younger. So much so that she'd also teach. Kind of a lost art it seems these days but I won't lie when I say sometimes I miss the whir of the spinning wheel.

  2. Medicine Hat is a nice place. Quiet. Warm. Lots of old folks. Watch out for the rattlesnakes. Live on the top of the hills.

  3. Friends will forever be one of my favourites!! It's hard to believe it's been over 10 years since it ended. I remember watching the episodes as they aired when I was a kid...half the jokes were lost on me haha. It's so cool that you're spinning! And congrats to Kevin -- woohoo!

  4. Hiiiii! :D I always get super excited when I come across other AB-based bloggers, even though I have yet to find one in Edmonton. Calgary is close enough, though :P And I hear ya about needing to go to the grocery store... you don't even want to SEE the inside of my fridge. It looks like a bachelor lives here lol.

  5. Wow big move!! That's exciting!! I LOVE Grey's still!! :)