Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wanderlands Camping is In Tents!

If you do have the chance to go to a Wanderlust Festival, make sure you take my advice on this one and book a campsite in Wanderlands. You really won't go wrong.

Initially my motivation for camping was to save some money, considering how expensive a room at Turtle Bay would be. But after booking it, I received an email from Wanderlust suggesting that campers bring prayer flags to liven up the camp grounds, and that we not be afraid to 'get creative'.

Well that's really all the permission I needed to decide I'd leave my traditional prayer flags up on the wall in my room, get out my crochet hook and get hooking!

I made three strands of flags over the month leading up to Wanderlust, and gleefully strung them around my tent. The details of the garlands will be shared over at the Yarn Lab.

And speaking of my tent, I picked it up for a shockingly inexpensive $20 at Canadian tire, and proceeded to spray paint large Oms on the fly in gold.  Thank goodness I did too, because I think it was only the blessing of the oms that kept my tent standing and dry in all of the rain and wind we had last week. The tent itself is not on the website, or apparently anywhere online, but according to the packaging is a Timberline by Kodiak 4 person Dome Tent.

The most amazing part of camping out at Wanderlands in O'ahu, was going to sleep each night listening to the crash of the waves, and waking each morning to watch the light of sunrise come out over the ocean. Although the waves could be a bit loud, and the strong winds coming in off the shoreline took down a few tents, I couldn't have picked a better camp site.

Wanderlands campgrounds provided all of our needs during the festival. With a large communal camp fire, clean outhouses, and cold water showers, you had your necessities covered. Importantly, they had very helpful campground managers camping near by, ready to help you out with tape or tarps should you run into trouble with your tent. They also had twinkle lights strung through the trees and a generator running all night to light up a tent where you could charge your phones and cameras.

While camping was a little rustic, I have to thank the generous staff at Turtle Bay Resort, as each one of us campers headed up to the resort to use the lobby bathroom, to freshen up and brush our teeth. Heck some people even shampooed their hair in the sinks (which to be honest, the hotel wasn't pumped about, and I can't blame the for it). They also put up with all of us campers spending our down time in the lobby while it rained outside, and providing us with free wifi, so we could keep in touch with social media of course!

All of this was great, of course, but the best part of camping was the people! Hanging out on the beach and by the campfire, you got to meet some of the best festival goers, who had flown in from all over the world with shared interests in yoga and travel.

Here's just a few of us hanging out in the lobby with some wine before dinner on our last evening there! In closing I have to say, I wouldn't do wanderlust any other way. Although a hot shower would be great, and a real bed would have felt amazing, the experiences I had on the beach were worth any small and temporary discomforts!


  1. I'm not really into the idea if tenting, but might be decent on the beach in Hawaii!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome time!! Tents on the beach sounds just about perfect!! I love you little banners.