Monday, April 27, 2015

Hockey Superstitions and the Calgary Flames

When my brother Mark was playing hockey growing up (btw happy belated 24th birthday brother!), and it was an important game, my mom would ride the elevator at the arena up and down for the last couple minutes of the 3rd period. I guess it originated with the tension in the arena being too high during a particularly close playoff game, but after his team began scoring game winning goals while my mom was in the elevator, it became an important superstition. And any time his time was tied going into the final minutes of the game, Eva would head for the nearest elevator.

Interestingly, my mom has also been banned from my cousin Zach's hockey games a number of times over the years. Apparently they just can't win if she's watching, and the serious hockey family that the Senecals are, well needless to say, although they appreciate that my mom just want's to support her nephew, they can't take the risk.

Unfortunately it would seem the bad luck might run in the family. When Kevin and I started dating, we went through this horrible dry spell where he absolutely could not score a goal in any hockey game I was watching him play. Any game that I'd miss? He'd call me afterwards to inform me that he'd scored 4 or 5 goals. Even worse? During one game I attended, he got on the ice for his first shift only to have his skate break about 30 seconds in, and then spend the rest of the game sitting on the bench. Thankfully we eventually got over the hump, and I can confidently watch him play without feeling like a jinx.

Now this brings me to the Calgary Flames, and an unfortunate trend.

The last season the Flames made the playoffs? - 2009

I moved to Calgary in 2010.

During the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons, I attended Flames games live, and although they usually won those games, they did not make the playoffs.

This year I did not make it to any games, and poof! Despite a poor prognosis at the beginning of the season, Flames make the playoffs.

Alright.... but it couldn't just be me could it?

So this enter round one of the playoffs - Game 1? I missed it, and they won.

Game 2 - I wore my jersey all day and watched the game hit up a bar to watch the game.... They lost.

Game 3 and Game 4 - did not watch, Flames win!

Game 5 - wears jersey all day, listens to game on radio in the lab.... Flames lose.

So Saturday night I was understandable anxious to put on my jersey and head over to A.J.'s to watch the game.

And when the Canucks scored 3 goals in about as many shots early in the first, I buried my eyes on Kevin's shoulder and told him I was going to have to keep my eyes closed for the rest of the game.

But I never should have doubted myself! I'm not a jinx at all. Flames turned that game around and won it spectacularly 7 goals to 4.

And I proudly sported my jersey as we walked down to 17th Ave to join in the Red Mile, with what seemed like most of the rest of Calgary.

Oh and I'm pretty certain I have some video from my phone.... and that the audio is 90% me wooing, but maybe I'll share it in time for Duck Hunting Season!

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