Friday, April 17, 2015

One Seriously Long Week

Thank God it's Friday people. This week has seemed to go on forever! And maybe it's just been because I've been having such long days? Or have had so many meetings scheduled at school? Or because I spent Tuesday and Wednesday with every muscle in my body sore.

Why's that? Because Monday night I joined Jen (Pretty Little Grub) and friends for a game of basketball.

Did you know I played basketball in highschool? And in fact we even won the NOSSA AA 2003 championship, and I was captain? And mainly I was the captain by virtue of being one of the tallest girls at my very Italian highschool?

Did you also know that I pretty much haven't even touched a basketball since then?

However our team kicked some butt, I had a blast. Some of the old 'skills' came back to me, and I was even able to score a basket (heck yes!). But more seriously, it was a far cry from my 'glory days'.

Unfortunately, since I've been only doing Yoga lately as far as physical activity, and since we only had one sub, and play two 25 minute halves, this is how I felt when I woke up on Tuesday Morning.

Still looking forward to play again next week tho.

Aside for basketball and body pain. This week has been crazy busy in the lab, mainly preparing for our Cardiovascular Research Day today and our Biochemistry Departmental Retreat next Friday, handing over my role as the Chair of our student association, and writing up the methods section of a paper.

Plans for the weekend?

Watching the Flames game tonight, hopefully while drinking beers.... or better yet margaritas.

Heading to the mountains with Sarah tomorrow for one last adventure before she moves to Ontario.

Working in the lab, and running errands for the Departmental Retreat Social on Sunday.

Sleeping in. Yoga. Knitting.

How about you?

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