Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sushi..... someone should totally deliver me some for lunch please

Ah sushi, Kevin and I probably grab some once every other week. And like an old lame couple, we typically frequent only two establishments.

Kinjo Sushi in the Northwest, for when we want to eat in. And Nami Sushi on 14th St. SW (formerly Sushi Motto) when we want take out.

So why Kinjo? I know, it's got some mediocre reviews, but we keep coming back.

-Too many small children in restaurant
-Can be a little pricey
-Nothing super special about the very northamericanized sushi
-Deep fried California roll is outrageously over priced
-Can be very busy at dinner time, be sure to come early or you'll be waiting

But for Kevin and I, the pros outweigh the cons

-Free taster of 4 peices of sushi when you sit down
-Free Pocky when you leave
-The beer is cheep!
-standard maki rolls comes in 4 pieces, so when it's just the two of us, we can order a wider variety
-We almost always get seated in the same table (not sure if this is a pro)
-Everything tastes good, and service is quick and friendly
-The Philadephia Roll meets our high standards (not actually that high, but we had a terrible one somewhere once and now this is a must for our sushi place)
-Can order online for pickup
-Located near a Chapters for after dinner book buying

Now onto Nami Sushi, which to be honest I still think of as Sushi Motto, only better now.

Why do I love Nami sushi? because you can get a crazy amount of food for like $10. And it's all so good.

I won't do a pros and cons here (as far as I can see the only con is the lack of a Philadelphia roll on the menu). But what I will tell you is, I used to get Sushi Motto all the time for takeout, it's within walking distance from my apartment, the prices weren't bad and the sushi was good. Sometimes we'd eat in, but mostly I'd call an order in, and walk over to pick it up.

Then suddenly this December, with little fanfare, Sushi Motto became Nami Sushi. Same location, same decor, I suspect the same staff, same pile of magazines in the waiting area. But a new, much less expensive menu.

For instance: look at their lunch specials!?!

And then you get another 10% off for picking it up yourself, how can you compete with that?

And why am I even telling you about sushi right now in the first place? Because I'd really love some for lunch today... So I'm off to see what I can find on skip the dishes or something.

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  1. I hate when people bring small children to restaurants that are not really designed for them. To me, a sushi place that serves beer would be one of those. If there is not a designated kids' menu, I don't think they should be there.