Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eating out in Toronto: A recap of my weekend through food.

Last weekend I visited family and friends in Toronto. Here's a quick recap of the food and drink I enjoyed while I was there.

 Thursday, June 4th

Lunch was at some little restaurant who's name I can't remember on Queen West near Romni Yarns.

Pulled Pork pita, salad with goat cheese and Woodhouse beer on special, can go wrong, especially with the crispy onions on top!

Then it was over to Bloor West near Bathurst Station to meet Steph and Lisa for dinner (Prosciutto Pizza) and martinis (mine was a lychee one!).

Friday,, June 5th

Tim's for breakfast.... boring I know, then I met up with my family when their Porter flight arrived, and we went to O&B Canteen for lunch.

Where Penelope was a pretty little lady, and I had the Green Bean Ceasar Salad and Pulled Pork (didn't eat the bun...cause you know carbs I guess)

Later we grabbed some drinks at Earls, where we were dismayed to find out that it was 'Appy Hour' and not 'Happy Hour'. Lame Sauce. And then back to the Porter shuttle drop off to wait for even more family to arrive. We followed this with dinner at Jack Astors, and I went with my usual order there, the Chicken Asiago Bow Ties Pasta... yum!

Saturday, June 6th

Woke up nice and early... Tim Hortons for breakfast.... because, you know, cheep/fast... if you're lucky the staff is on the ball... unfortunately for my mom they were not this particular morning (she paid for a yogurt parfait only to be then told they didn't have any ready. So she swapped for an oatmeal... then same deal.... so they had to do a refund yeesh). Why was it so important we were up and on our way early? Because we had an appointment at Kleinfeld's, so my cousin Kara could 'Say Yes to the Dress'.

No she wasn't actually on the show, but since we brought 14 people and one energetic toddler with us, she totally could have been. And Kara did find a beautiful gown to say Yes to, but I myself had my eyes on this one.... because you know, maybe one day.

Le Sigh.....

Afterwards we took a brief jaunt over to the Eaton Center for an hour of shopping....and wow, litterally half that place is under construction right now. Then hit up Chipotle for lunch.

I'm going to have to come back to the topic of Chipotle in an entirely separate post where I compare, contrast and rant about it in relationship to Mucho Burrito. So get ready for that folks.

After lunch we walked until our feet bled (or so my short legged Italian family made it seem) and my Aunts Nella and Teresa took their daughters to visit their College Dorms at UofT.

Here are Teresa and Julia on the steps of Annesley Hall at UofT Victoria College (PS Happy Birthday Aunt Teresa!). Annesley Hall is a beautiful old building, that would be just the idealistic place to spend your College years.

After all that walking, my little cousin Caitlin and I hit up the outdoor pool for a swim in the sun, and then everyone cleaned up for my Aunt's birthday dinner at Cibo.

Cibo! First I was all like, we have that in Calgary, but aparently they are two different chains. Either way the food at Cibo in Toronto (we went to the King st location) was amaze balls... kind of like the rice balls above. And better yet, they specialize in Central and Southern Italian Cuisine, so the whole menu just sounded like things that would come out of my nana's kitchen.

After stuffing our faces with appetizers and wine, I tackled this amazing veggie risotto.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped off for some quick family photos, and for Penelope to run around like a silly goose. Then while all the old folk stayed up to have drinks in the hotel lobby, I went to bed nice and early.

Sunday, June 7th

Woke up nice and early to pack up the room and say good bye to my family, who were all headed back up to the North (the Soo and T-Bay). Then I hopped on the train to go meet Jill at St. Claire West Station.

Finally a morning without Tim Hortons, we went to Cocoa Latte, and I had the breakfast tostada and it was incredible, and huge! I also hear the chocolate milk they serve there is second to none.

Afterwards we met up with Lisa and took a walk through High Park.

Then drinks on a patio, where we were joined by Steph and I had a minor wardrobe malfunction, and back to Steph's place to watch Game of Thrones.

Monday, June 8th

Slept in, Tim's for breakfast again! Mad Max for lunch and Air Canada for dinner. I got home to Calgary in time to block out the scarf I'd been knitting all weekend and snuggle with Kevin before bed.

OK that got long winded, Happy humpday ladies and gents!


  1. I'm going to Toronto in August so this is helpful for a few good places to eat. I'm interested to hear your rant on mucho burrito vs chipotle. Everyone raved so much about Chipotle that I expected something special. Turns out I think mucho burrito is better. Largely because they don't put cilantro in everything!

    1. Rant on chipotle and mucho is posted! And yeah, I'm all for mucho as well. And you'll have no problem finding good food in Toronto!