Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Calgary Hail Storm August 2015

I had really short sleeps the last two nights, so when I finished up what I was working on in the lab today around 2, I thought maybe I should head home early and have a nap.

I'm really glad I did,  because the 5PM commute was interrupted today by a massive hail and thunderstorm, flooding streets, damaging vehicles and leaving many without power.

Me? I was rudely awoken from my nap by a freakishly large bomb of thunder. And I say bomb, because in my sleepish state I woke out of bed to rush to the window to see what happened. Only to see clear skies, with a wall of grey on the horizon and moving fast. Moments later I heard my landlord shouting at someone to move their car quick.

Then the rain came in sideways. After rushing downstairs to late to move my car without getting soaked by rain and pummeled by hail, I grabbed my camera and filmed a little bit of the storm.

Hopefully all of you guys here in Alberta stayed safe and dry.


  1. Gotta love the crazy Alberta weather. We didn't get anything in Red Deer!

    1. Crazy! I was tracking the storm on weather radar, and the bulk of it passed north of Calgary, I think Olds took the biggest it.