Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Market Collective's 7th Anniversary August 28-30 2015

Do you have any plans for this weekend yet?

Why not come down to the East Village and celebrate Market Collective's 7th Anniversary.

What's Market Collective you say? Well you could just watch the video below. Or if you feel like reading, in short, it's an independent market intended to support local artisans and community building through the arts.

I stumbled across the market on Instagram a few months back, and have been volunteering at it since then. Because volunteering lets me go there and take in all of the artsy goodness, without shopping myself broke.

And I will be volunteering there again this Friday and Saturday, serving up local craft beer at one of 4 bars at this weekend's market.

That's right, I said beer, and bar.

This weekend is the 7th Anniversary market, so they are stepping out of their usual Chinese Cultural Center and heading down to the East Village River Walk. They'll have a main tent, featuring over 100 local artisans, pretty much all of Calgary's food trucks will be there. There will be two stages, one featuring DJs and one featuring bands, and 4 bar areas, although the whole market is liquor licensed, so you can grab a beer and enjoy it while you shop. There's also a photoboth, and a bicycle scavenger hunt.

Pretty flipping awesome sounding isn't it? And admission to the market is only $5 (and is good for the whole weekend in case you need to come back and shop some more).

At the last  market in July, I brought my camera to my volunteer shift, and did a walk around.

And if you think that video is jam pack full of pinterest worthy goods, just wait for the much larger market this weekend.

So if you're not convinced, here's 5 great reasons to attend Market Collective.

1) How often do you get to order craft beer, riverside, and then fill up on some of Calgary's best food trucks food?

2) When else does $5 dollars get you live music, all weekend long.

3) As much as I hate to say it, my friend Lisa pointed out we are 4 months away from Xmas today, so why not get a head start on gift shopping, while supporting local artisans?

4) Men, I cannot stress this enough, visiting Market Collective is absolutely the best date idea ever, so call that girl you've been texting back and forth all week and invite her to the market this weekend. You can thank me later.

5) Even if you are on a budget, go there and shop with your eyes, chat with the artists, Instagram your favourite vendors, and maybe find a little extra creativity in your own life, and then go home and spray paint something gold and neon!

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  1. I hear so much about this and would love to check it out some day.