Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Great Scott Marty, it's Back to the Future Day - A tribute to my own personal Doc Brown

Yeah I know, if you haven't gone about your morning completely isolated from social media, or the world in general, you probably know already that it's Back to the Future Day!

That's right, it's October 21st, 2015, the date when Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly arrive in the Future. It's also the date that old Biff sees that odd DeLorean again after all those years and heads back in time with a vintage sports almanac. But everyone always forgets about Biff. Oh wait! more importantly, people forget about Jennifer... she visited 2015 too!

Now I could write a long winded post about all of the predictions made in B2tF part II, and how some where more accurate than they could have guessed (3D movies and FaceTime) and some were not quite on target (fax machines for everyone!). But there's about a million other websites that have done that already today. Just google it.

No instead I want to take my Back to the Future Day, and dedicate it to someone who has been the Doc Brown in my own life.

My dad of course! And maybe we haven't gone traveling in time together, but I would say the quote "Roads? Where we're going we don't need any roads." is wholly appropriate.

So here's to you Dad.

Because you got me hooked on Back to the Future before I can even remember.

Because you might not have built a time machine in our garage, but you did build an airplane there, which kind of makes me believe you can build anything in our garage.

Incidentally, you also built the garage, and hung the roof trusses solo.

And we never had a DeLorean in our driveway, but we did have a rotating stream of increasingly awesome Beetles.

And although I might shake my head and put my face in my palm every time you tell me about how another movie just copied the plot from Back to the Future (including those filmed before B2tF, which can of course be explained by time travel), you did instill in me, from a young age, a belief in the unlimited possibilities of science, and that most problems in life can be engineered away in the garage provided you have some basic tools and stop to think carefully about them.

If Doc Brown was able to rig a train and a busted DeLorean into an 88mph time traveler, in a period before most people had access to electricity, well I suspect that if you found yourself in the same position you could too.

Only it would be an airplane for sure.

Anyways dad, you inspire me, in this and in many other ways. I wish I could be home in the Sault with you to marathon watch all three movies today, but I'm out here in Calgary. So instead I'll just watch them with my lego DeLorean, and call you later to make sure your 2015 has been everything the Doc and Marty hoped it would be.

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