Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Odds of winning 1 million dollars in Monopoly at McDonald's

Short story.

You just can't.

And so my heart and hopes were dashed.

The other day I was in the car with Kevin and we drove past a McD's advertising the arrival of another game season of Monopoly, and I made a confession to Kevin.

"You know I don't believe I can win the lottery, or gambling at a casino, but I hold fast to the belief that I could maybe win the Million dollars at Monopoly."

Two which Kevin responded something along the lines of how I didn't need to be eating that much McDonald's. I sheepishly agreed, and then proceeded to buy us McDs breakfast the next day.

I won a small soda. That's right... not a beverage, of any size so that I could get a medium or large and the play again. Nope. A small. And that is just one of the ways Monopoly at McDonald's has gotten sh!ttier this year.

How do I know this... well once I get an idea in y head I just can't shake it, so I spent about an hour reading the fine print, and putting together this little video last night.


So yeah...  I guess I should just go ahead and buy some lotto tickets... it would be better for me as far as being in swim suit shape when we go to the Dominican next month.

So to that end, I'm swearing junky take-out for the duration of this years Monopoly Game.

Will you be collecting stamps this year?


  1. No thanks, I prefer to play Saturday Lotto results. This type of lottery is more real!

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