Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'm bad at posting every day... I blame Kevin.

Crap! I was supposed to have been writing blog posts every day this month. Then I went to Medicine Hat on Thursday for the weekend to visit Kevin, and suddenly, no more posts.

Totally all his fault.

Or maybe it's because I usually write posts when I'm bored in the lab, and I tend not to be bored when I'm not in the lab.

Oh well, here I am again, back from the Hat, back in the Lab, and back on the blog.

Some random things.

I've had my lego Delorean and Marty McFly in the lab next to my microscope since Back to the Future Day last month. Today Marty decided to help out a little.

This weekend we had one day of plus 15 weather and one day of snow on my car. WTF. Get your act together Alberta. I feel like if you could just pick one and stay with it, I could get accustomed to the idea of winter. But you keep teasing me into believing I don't need a jacket when I leave the house in the morning.

Someone stole my mail I think...or just through it out. To be fair I probably only check it every 2 weeks, but yesterday morning I went to check it, and the box was unlocked and empty. Pretty sure only one bill and a pile of fliers are missing. But still.

For are my Calgary readers, have you seen any of 'COWTOWN' on YouTube yet?

COWTOWN is a sketch comedy YouTube show based in Calgary, and it's pretty funny. I really can't believe they only have 133 subscribers, really all of Calgary should be watching. The above video is 'the NDP buy a used car'. Here's another one about mayor Nenshi.

Not all of their sketches are Calgary specific tho, so really anyone would probably enjoy them.

That's all I've got for now. I'll be back posting for the days I missed over the weekend, since we did get a lot of stuff done.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. On the topic of stolen mail, I'm certain that I'm not receiving all of my mail, specifically packages and parcels. I've been expecting things to arrive for months that never make it here, even though the sender has confirmed they've been sent. It's so bizarre. Especially because I've been having the same issue with my blog email (it's always being flagged as spam for some reason) and because I've been binge-watching Scandal, I kind of feel like I'm Olivia Pope being targeted for something.

  2. Blogging every day is hard, and trying to force it will just make you cranky. Sort of like workouts, come to think of it. I fear you will never be accustomed to Calgary winters, if you need several days of the same thing. Wait till you're whipsawed with -20 to +10 C.

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