Thursday, January 7, 2016

I've been keeping a secret...

I've been keeping a secret.

And I'm not ready to tell it yet.

But it's all I want to write and blog about, so it's just dying to come out.

And it's almost time to share it with you all.

But in the mean time, writing about anything else has just had no appeal for me.

So I'm just popping in to say a quick hello.

And let you know.

That this time next week, I'm going to let my secret out.

Hope the first 7 days of the new year have been treating you all well. I just know 2016 is going to be a wild and exciting year for me, and I just can't wait for all that's on its way!

Also I realize you might see this picture and think that the "I'm his" means we're engaged... that's not the secret, we aren't yet. But I am his, all the same!


  1. You can't do this!!!!!!!!! Rudest blog post EVER.

  2. PS. My first thought is you're pregnant.

  3. What!!?? Come on. I was thinking pregnant too! :)