About Me

Who am I you might ask?

  • I'm Sara (most common name ever or what? fortunately I try to be as uncommon as they come).
  • I'm 24 (prime of my life you might say).
  • I live in Calgary, Alberta...but hail originally from Ontario (that's Canada people).
  • I am about a year into my PhD studies in biochemistry with a focus of cardiovascular smooth muscle (oooh yeah).
  • And I run this blog titled: My life out of a lab coat. 
  • Also another blog titled : My life in a lab coat. Which features my adventures in education, opinions on science, success, academia, graduate school and a whole lot more.

What will you find here you might ask?

  • Well mainly I blog about just about anything that tickles my fancy.
  • My adventures as a newbie runner.
  • My experimentation in my tiny apartment kitchen.
  • You'll see alot of shopping I want to do, and some that I actually do. 
  • You'll notice I have a tiny addition to Lulu stuff (they don't pay me to say that...I wish they did).
  • You'll get snippets of the travelling I like to do to escape from the lab, and this city. 
  • You'll find I really do love Calgary, and posts about all the many things to do here.
  • A huge girl crush on Jenna Marbles. 
  • A tiny bit of science....and a whole lots of posts written when I should have been reading papers
  • The occasional paid post, but don't worry I'll let you know which are which when they happen! 

What you won't find here you might ask?

  • Posts featuring copious pictures of pets (don't have any...just some fish that despite my inattention seem to be thriving).
  • Daily outfit posts....as if you really care what I wear on a daily basis.
  • Posts featuring babies/toddlers...don't have any yet, don't care enough about other people's kids.
  • Politics (eeeeeewwwwwwww).
  • Religion (no fun at all).
  • Look how cute I am with my boyfriend (who incidentally doesn't come out and take pictures for me).
So enjoy it, I do. Leave a comment, I always try to reply!  Become a follower, I'll love you forever.

Chilling near Old Goat Glacier in K Country Alberta.... after 2ish hours of hiking and a 700m elevation gain.


  1. Hi Sara!

    I've just discovered your blog through 20SB and I like it so I've followed via Bloglovin'. I'm looking forward to read your blog regularly!


  2. hi sara! I LOVE JENNA MARBLES, TOO! haha. don't find too many marble-heads so when i do, i think it's pretty epic enough to want to use the caps lock key. lol! :D